Refilling Your Oxygen Cylinder

Refilling Your Oxygen Cylinder

Are you in need of oxygen cylinder refills? Look no further! Ohen Group offers fast turn around refills for oxygen cylinders, ensuring that you always have a full cylinder when you need it. In this blog post, we will explain how we achieve this by swapping your empty cylinder for a full one. Read on to learn more!

Why Choose Our Fast Turn Around Refills?

When it comes to oxygen cylinder refills, time is of the essence. We understand that waiting for a refill can be stressful and inconvenient, especially if you regularly use it for ozone therapy. That's why we have implemented a system that allows us to provide fast turn around refills.

The Benefits of Swapping Cylinders

Swapping cylinders has several advantages over traditional refill methods. First and foremost, it saves you time. With our fast turn around refills, you can get back to your daily activities without any unnecessary delays.

Diving Cylinders

We are aware that some customers may have purchased their cylinders from other manufacturers or retailers. Some retailers have been known to decline refilling cylinders other than those purchased from them. Such an example is diving cylinders which are sometimes notable for their triangular diving sticker of the company and serial number. Ohen Group has no issue exchanging these cylinders as they are the same ISO standard cylinder however, please be aware that the cylinder you receive back will for obvious reasons not have the same triangular diving sticker on and will be filled with medical grade oxygen only. The diving retailer may refuse to refill it again without their identifiable sticker. Ohen Group shall not be responsible or liable for this.

How Does the Swapping Process Work?

At a Collection Point

The swapping process is simple and efficient. When you visit our facility, our trained professionals will assist you in exchanging your empty cylinder for a full one. We will inspect the empty cylinder to ensure it is in good condition and then provide you with a fully filled cylinder.

It is always best to check with us if we have in-store availability as most stock is stocked for online orders.


We use a reliability score system that determines the speed of cylinder refill delivery and trustworthiness of our customers. 

If you have purchased from us before, are an existing Ohen ozone generator owner or known well by Ohen Group, you start with a perfect score unless evaluated otherwise. If you are a new customer and have never had dealings with Ohen Group before, you start with a 0 score. Perfect scores allow us to deliver your oxygen cylinder as soon as the same hour we collect your empty.

Should you fail to provide the empty cylinder on first collection attempt, send back damaged or incorrect cylinders, have any outstanding invoices across any Ohen Group department or are evaluated to be an unreliable customer (track history of paying invoices, unkind to our staff, multiple failed courier collection attempts or other incidents), your score will decrease. Note that we also use fraud analysis and other methods we do not disclose to determine scores. We also do not disclose a customers score to them or anyone else, it is used for internal automatic process only.  

Lower scores means we require collection or even receipt of the empty cylinder first before shipping a refill which causes longer periods of you being without a cylinder. In very rare circumstances where a customer is difficult to work with us to rectify issues within a reasonable timeframe we may give a negative score meaning we will never ship a refill cylinder until the empty has been received, examined and passed testing by Ohen Group. 

Shipping Discounts on Multiple Cylinders

If you own more than one cylinder, refill two or more at the same time if selecting Ohen Group to handle collection. A discount will automatically be applied to each cylinder you place in your basket. Please do not order refills for 'future use' or more refills than you have cylinders to benefit from this discount as it is based off of consolidated shipping rates.

Using your own courier

While we offer the option to send your empty cylinder back to us using your own courier, we don't recommend this. We have no visibility or control over the shipment you are sending and so we have to wait to receive the empty cylinder back before shipping a refill. Using your own courier can increase the time you are without a cylinder by 1 day in same day areas and up to as much as 8 days for regional areas.

The reliability score system and same day or faster deliveries does not apply or have any effect when using your own courier as we always need to receive the empty cylinder before shipping a refill. 


Being a trustworthy customer is key to prompt and efficient cylinder refills and communication is key to maintaining your score. If at any time you become aware that something may not go as smoothly as we expect, let us know. Upfront communication within reason as to why perhaps you will not be home for our courier to collect or let us know as soon as you realise rather than Ohen Group having to contact you about a concern or reduce your score. 

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