What is DRS?

What is DRS?

Our refund for returning your empty ozonated olive oil jars is not new… but neither was it clearly labelled. Our new stock will now be labelled with this DRS symbol to indicate that is it part of our DRS return scheme. But what is this exactly?

Deposit Return Schemes are often legislated as a requirement for companies with glass packaging all across Europe. In the price of a product, you are paying for the cost of the packaging. Usually, the consumer throws away this packaging and the seller would need to manufacture new packaging to sell more of the same items - thus never recovering the cost. With DRS, by returning the packaging, the seller can recycle and remanufacture packaging with your returned packaging and in doing so, the seller will reward you with a small refund. Essentially, the seller will ‘buy back’ your packaging

All Ohen brand products with the DRS symbol on are part of this scheme. So don’t throw away your packaging; keep it, let it build up and when you’re ready, drop it off at an Ohen authorised distributor or send it to us when you have your Ohen unit serviced or oxygen cylinder refilled. We have drop off points available in

  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • England, United Kingdom

Organic Ozonated Olive Oil: R20.00 cash back

Organic Vegan Ozone Capsules: R14.00 cash back

Ozonated Hand & Body Lotion: R30.00 cash back

Ozone Clay Mask: R18.00 cash back

Natural Ozone Lip Balm: R5.00 cash back

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