World Renowned Ozone Products

World Renowned Ozone Products

At Ohen Group, our Ohen units are the leading medical grade ozone units in the world used by professionals, doctors and therapists alike. Ohen Group engineers have received an international award from the European Editorial Office for medical ozone machines and developments. We extend this quality to our cosmetics too.

With various industrial equipment, companies are able to produce ozone products such as ozonated olive oil, however no company has been able to successfully reproduce the Ohen brand charged ozone products or our quality. With over 15 years in the industry, we have developed our own high quality Ohen industrial manufacturing machinery* based on decades of research and development in ozone generators and ozone health. 

Our ozonated products are produced in-house with our Ohen industrial manufacturing machinery producing top quality charged ozone oils, cosmetics and supplements. You won’t find a better quality charged ozone product than the Ohen brand… after all, ozone is our profession.

We supply various resellers who bottle and brand our Ohen products with their own labels. To find out where you can purchase our products from, contact us for your closest reseller or purchase directly from our Online Store.


*Ohen medical ozone units are available for purchase from Ohen Group which produce medical grade ozone for therapy use. Ohen manufacturing machinery to produce charged ozone products is not available for purchase. 

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