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Ohen Skincare Set

Ohen Skincare Set

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Looking for more options? Vegan Ohen Skincare Set available here.

The Ohen® Skincare Set is the number one all ozone skincare package with organic, natural ingredient products. Pamper yourself head to toe with 4 products to heal your skin and keep it looking young, wrinkle free and glowing.

Read our Ohen® Skincare Routine for a step by step guide of the head to toe routine here.

The Ohen® Skincare Set includes:

  1. Organic ozonated olive oil
  2. Organic ozone clay mask
  3. Natural ozone soap
  4. Ozone hand & body lotion

Receive cash back when returning your empty tins and bottles.

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Ohen has been specially designed to meet the need for high-quality medical ozone generators for home and professional use. We work closely with some of the most respected medical ozone specialists in the world.

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